• Haneena Sherin

What do people eat for breakfast around the world?

Delicious and interesting breakfasts served in different parts of the world

Eat like a king in the morning! This is an old but relevant saying which we have heard many times in our lives. Breakfast should be the best meal of your day. Eating a good breakfast can improve your health and the overall metabolism of your body. It keeps the energy levels for the activities from the start of the day.

Let us take a walk through different and unique breakfasts served around the globe to keep people healthy and active.

Chilaquiles, Traditional breakfast of Mexico

Chilaquiles ( “chee-lah-keel-ehs”) is a traditional Mexican breakfast. The recipe is made of tortilla, tomato salsa, and fried eggs. There are variations in the preparation of Chilaquiles in different regions of Mexico. Toppings can be with chicken, cheese or green sauce.

Scottish breakfast

Haggis, Black pudding, potato scone, square sausage, links (sausages), bacon, egg, baked beans, tomato, mushrooms. Usually served with toast too.

Daingsilog from Filipines

Daingsilog is a Filipino breakfast combination of fried rice, dried fish, sunny side up eggs, chopped tomatoes and salted egg served with seasoned vinegar.

Russian Oladyi

Oladyi is a delicious Russian breakfast. The thick pancakes are made from kefir (buttermilk) and can be eaten with sour cream/ fruit preserves or cavia

Dhokla a Gujurati Indian breakfast

Dhokla is a traditional breakfast of Gujrat in India. It is soft spongy and yummy. The small cakes are made of chickpea flour. The dish is served with a green or red sauce called chutney.

Halwa poori of Pakistan

The delicious Halwa poori is originated from India and it is popular in Pakistan. The bread (Poori) is served hot with channa masala and sweet halwa.

Traditional Bulgarian (Balkan) breakfast -Mekici

Mekici is a popular breakfast in the Balkan region. The recipe is served with jam and Bulgarian cheese