• Haneena Sherin


Travelling is always a refreshing experience. It is the meeting of different people, their cultures, and lifestyles. Not traveling is like sticking to one single page of a book for your entire life. With the commencement of this pandemic, a veil of restrictions was on us for physical movement. But slowly we adapted to the new normal and hence now we can travel again with a lot of safety measures. So what exactly are the safety measures to be followed? What are all the things to be taken into consideration while traveling during this pandemic? Here are a few;


1. Travelling if you are sick, having mild symptoms, or have been around someone with Covid-19 for the past 14 days.

2. Travelling with someone who is sick.

3. Travelling to places where the number of covid-19 cases is high or which is declared as the contaminated zone.

4. Travelling with someone who has higher chances of getting infected, like children, old aged or sick people.


1. Checking the public health websites for authentic information before you travel.

2. Checking a country’s official website of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Health for details like entry requirements and restrictions for arriving travelers, like testing or quarantine.

3. Strictly wearing a mask that covers your face and nose properly without touching eyes, nose & mouth.

4. Sanitizing or washing your hands before & after you touch a surface.

5. Avoiding contact with people who is sick and keeping at least 6 feet distance from others.

6. Checking the status of Covid-19 cases for the last seven days in the place you are going to.

Even though most viruses and germs don’t spread easily on flights because of the air circulation system, as we’ve to spend time in security lines and terminals, traveling via air too has a chance of getting infected. And traveling via buses or trains involves sitting or standing within 6 feet distance from others, which can increase your chances of getting infected. Travel by a car also can bring you or your companions in close contact with others in instances like buying something, car refueling, or food and bathroom breaks.

But don’t worry, by taking all the preventive measures like wearing the mask and sanitizing/ washing your hands will help you stay protected.