• Haneena Sherin

Magic of Sacura Blooms: The wonderful spring season in Japan

Updated: May 4, 2020

Arts are inspired by nature. We often feel that the most picturesque places on the earth are drawn by an unknown artist. Nature is full of wonders that ever made us fascinated. To enjoy the beauty and tremendous creations are life-changing.

Japan is known for its seasonal wonder, Sakura, or cherry blossoms. The flowers bloom all over the trees without any single leaf to see. The million pale pink blossoms create a magical view everywhere in the country

A huge number of tourists are expected in the country in the Sacura season to entice and enjoy the heavenly sight of flower blossoms.

(Sakura bloom in Japan)

Japan's meteorological corporation forecast the occurrence of cherry blossoming. The flower blossoms proclaim the advent of spring in the country. From Late March to Beginning of the May the sakura blossoms blanket Japan with magical soft pink attracting locals and foreigners. It’s a season of joy in Japan and viewing of flowers “hanami” is part of their culture.

(Cherry trees in full bloom)

( Adorable blossoms during the spring in Japan)

The cherry blossom party

When cherries start to bloom and become alive the locals head to their nearest parks or sakura bloom places to have food and drinks. This is a moment for Japanese people to enjoy and relax with friends, colleagues, and loved ones under the abundant, thick cherry blossoms.

Types of cherry trees

The sakura bloom or cherry blossoms doesn’t simply refer to a single type of blossom. There are several variations in the trees and blossoms. Every blossom looks similar but they have variations in color, size petals, etc. T