• Haneena Sherin

Do you admire to ride in a hot air balloon? Cappadocia has got it for you

(hot air balloon tourism in Cappadocia)

Imagine you are flying in a big balloon 1000 feet above a scenic landscape! Indeed an unforgettable and incredible experience in your lifetime. It is Cappadocia in Turkey where you can ride in a hot air balloon floating in the sky. Cappadocia is a place that you can't miss in your life. Hundreds of brightly hued Balloons take flight every day letting people adore the charismatic view of the land.

Cappadocia is a renowned tourist destination which lies in central Turkey. The unique geological, historic and cultural features make this land a must-visit destination in a traveler’s bucket list.

(Hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia)

Volcanic rock formations called fairy chimneys can be seen all over the region. This geographical formation resembles a lunar landscape formed in the earth. There are only a few places in the world where you can take a hot balloon ride. Cappadocia has the most popular rides which happen all around the year.

(colored hot air balloons fly over the volcanic hill formations in Cappadocia)

When we are ready to fly, the staff inflates the balloon and sets it up for flight ensuring safety and security. Then it is time to fly sitting on the ballon cabin. The well-trained pilots skillfully take us to the heights of mesmerizing sights. Within a while, we will cross 600 ft or above then reach a 1000 ft. As the balloon moves, we will drive through different panoramic views that take our breath away. The Fairy chimneys, pigeon house, vineyards, caves, and many historic places come in view one by one. 100s of beautiful balloons flying alongside makes you feel that you are living a dream. As there are year-round balloon services, there is an opportunity to fly in different seasons. In each season the land changes her attire to entice the traveler. During the winter the landscape resembles Narnia.

There are many tourist attractions near Cappadocia if you are planning a trip.

Pegion Vally

Pigeon valley is an exceptionally beautiful place with an unusual landscape. You get to feed thousands of pigeons and enjoy see them flying. Their rocky homes have still been maintained by locals and can be found atop rock pillars and inside excavated cave houses and churches throughout the region. The beauty of the sunset is incredible here and you can enjoy it while sipping a traditional Turkish coffee

(view of Pegion Valley)

Uchisar Castle

It is a magnificent castle in Cappadocia. An entire rock is transformed into a castle. It is a historically important castle in Turkey. Uchisar Castle is situated at the highest peak in the region The incredible view of the entire Goreme from the top of the castle really worth your travel. The hiking path to the castle is an interesting and little challenging for you to walk.

If you are planning a trip to Cappadocia there are plenty of tour packages available.

(Top of Uchisar Castle )